Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fallen into tumblr

I have been very bad, and have been ignoring this blog for the benefit of tumblr. Gasp. I have been one of those who didn't think she will make a tumblog... then it happened for a project... It is too easy to just upload, pictures and whatnot, so easy, without having to feel that you want to add in lengthy explanations... bad girl, "badly done indeed" (who else always associates these words with Austen's Emma?). xD
I shall try to focus my attentions here.
But if anyone is interested, this is my tumblog.

Also, let us not forget! It is Spring Equinox today!!!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The two corsets

I realised I never posted pictures of my corsets, so I thought it would be time.

The purple corset was made in June, the cream in December.
The difference between them is that the purple has boning cases that are hidden (using bias binding), and the cream has boning cases showing. The cream, I was going for a tea-stained look, has two layers of cotton coutil, whereas the purple only has one and is not even a real cotton coutil, we just chose the strongest cotton blend they had at the store.

More of the cream (I left the purple at home when coming back to Edinburgh).

Both had this problem of sticking out at the abdomen which is due to fact that the pattern is an original from Corsets and Crinolines, so they would have worn skirts with it, and this would probably just help shape their fall.

The same pattern was used for both, unfortunately I am not very skilled with lacing myself into them yet, and it must be noted that they were both made last year when I was considerably lighter than I am now (after eating more and not being able to do exercises due to my operation, I did try running, but for now I can only allow myself a bit of dancing). I should probably wear a corset all day and get myself into a tightlacing program... to tell the truth I just want to be able to heal up and get back to my minor sport endeavours (yoga and dance, both which qualify as means of meditation in my world).
This is a first lacing photo with Photo Boot (hence the bad quality) I will probably give more tugs at it in a few minutes after my body settles into it a bit more.

Anyway, end of rant, back to my calendar making.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Today's find for daffodils

I am making a gift for a lady who helped me out with an operation I recently had, it's a calendar that I am illustrating (a small one), It will be historical, naturally.
(that's me sticking my tongue out at education, or my school...whichever, and whoever, is so against the historical. Don't get me wrong, I see why it must be contemporary, they want it to be creative.)

Anyway, I was looking for some daffodil print I could use for the month of March, according to some it is the flower of the moth. I don't have too much time to finish it,  unfortunately, I can't keep one day for one illustration, so I might have to draw the print down or something similar.

"Daffodil textile, 1883–1900
Associated Artists (New York City, 1883–1907)
Printed cotton velvet
32 1/2 x 37 in. (82.6 x 94 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Boudinot Keith, 1928 (28.70.25)

Associated Artists designed a number of patterns to be printed on cotton velvets and velveteens. The use of a pile fabric as the ground for a printed pattern was relatively innovative at the time. On fabrics such as these, the three-dimensional texture and the light reflecting from the surface of the pile contribute to the decorative effect of the design. This pattern of daffodils, depicted with sinuous curving stems and leaves, is one of the firm's designs closest in spirit to the Art Nouveau style. A sense of rapid movement pervades the boldly drawn, naturalistic blossoms twisting and turning in all directions, as if caught on a windy spring day."