Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Angel of Summer

This author has just realised that it is the first day of Summer. With this comes Tubiel, angel of summer, and the colours green, blue, pink, yellow in vibrant forms. This is a strong period, filled with energy.

More to come later!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Protection for all... a knight's pride!

Chainmaille (mail/chain mail armour)!
Before I came away from Edinburgh for my summer holiday Amber started making chainmail shorts for her project (the White Knight from Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There) and I was allowed to help. I must say that it was very exciting; although, I didn't help as much as I had wanted to.

We made it out of blue florist's wire, which we wound round a wooden rod with an electric screwdriver. Then we cut out small metal rings out of these wound wires, which strikingly enough, would have been perfect for elements of a Cyber Goth's dread falls.
Then we continued by enclosing 4 links onto one closed ring, then attaching 2 of these "fours" together with 2 rings.
We were working on them while playing Settlers of Catan after our "Taco Night" (the four of us: Amber, Linda, Guillaume and me), I must say we all slowly got pulled in more and more by our craftsmenship. xD
Guild of the Metallic Blue Florist Wire.
We didn't even realise that Linda had already 14 points; thus, had won the game.

I believe they used this video as reference to make chainmaille.

More to come later!

Note: Dear reader, pray tell me, what a knight's true pride is.

And on a side note, if you know Hungarian, it is absolutely worth it to read Popper Péter's book: Lélekrágcsálók.
Also, check out The Hungarican Chick's: The Benefits of the Bib Front (Amber found this amazing blog for me ;)).

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The hours in corset

Just a quick update before I forget. Indeed dear reader, you are quite right, this is more for the author's forgetful mind than for anything else.
Amber is helping me make a corset!!!! For the bodice of the Simplicity pattern I talked about earlier.
And here are the hours that were put into it so far:
2 hours on Sunday after buying the stuff needed for it, then 6 hours on Monday after I got back from work.

(Drafting the pattern -using the corset pattern given by our technician at school from Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh page 81, then copying out the pattern to make a new one that will be used for the fabric -wear and tear-, and lastly cutting out the fabric)

Finding the fabric for the top layer

Drafting the pattern, noting changes made for my size

Cutting out pieces from the fabric

This how far I am now

...And more to come later, but I have to go now, I am either going to bed because I have to wake early for work or my timid-self shall attend to some seriously important engagements... *cough, cough* watch a movie or a TV show, or something entirely useless and possibly eat more chocolate.

Note-to-sELF: woman, don't you forget your original intention to work on the Costumer's Manifesto online course!!! The very reason you actually started this blog, remember?