Monday, 25 March 2013

I would like to share a quiz I took, sort of for fun.
I normally don't take such quizes, or even bother to really think through my answers, but this time I did, and I was interested to see that my result is what I thought it would be.

Are you a normal person an indigo, crystal or Rainbw child ?

My Results:

You're more likely a Crystal Child !

Crystal children did start coming earlier than most websites say.You’re very sensitive, affective, forgiving and caring, you believe in the most unbelievable things and some people think you’re too naive while you’re mostly right. You have a very light and bright colored aura wich means you’re highly motivated  and you enjoy all types of music, art and most things that involves pretending and seeks very much creativity. You you’re smart and mostly seen as the idea guy who comes up with the most weird ideas but it always works! You enjoy working in a group as much as doing things on you’re own, you tend to be very shy and you don’t easily go toward others. You’re mosly quet and don’t talk untill spoken to. You’re a very talented daydreamer and oftely get lost in your world. Highly spiritual, you have a deep connection to nature and animals and you have strong ESP and intuation, you’ve maybe already seen ghosts and you experienced deja vu very oftenly due to you’re psychic abilities.

Hope you go check it out yourselves! Enjoy!! May your dreams guide you to that free and joyful place which exists within us all!

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